FWA is an association set out to advance the professional interests of women in academics by harnessing and maximising their potentials to achieve overall excellence and best practices in their respective fields.

Provide an encouraging atmosphere for academic women to achieve their full potentials

Provide a platform for mentoring and mutually inspiring interactions and discussions for the women in academia

Provide a platform for engaging, confronting and addressing issues which constitute glass ceilings for women in academia

Promoting academic competence among female faculty in such a manner that would elicit the approval of their peers

Contribute to Covenant University’s overall academic effectiveness and welfare and create a network with women in other Universities.

About FWA

The Faculty Women Advance (FWA) was initiated by the second substantive Vice Chancellor of Covenant University – Professor Aize Obayan and was born out of a sincere passion to advance the cause of Women in academia. FWA was officially inaugurated by the Vice-President Education Living Faith Church Commission (LFC) – Pastor Mrs. Faith Oyedepo on 4th February 2008.

Target Participants

Faculty women in CU across the various Colleges

Secondary School Girls

Orphanages and Motherless babies

Refugees/Internally Displaced persons

Widows and other vulnerable persons

Activity Groups

Research/Journal Publication Team

Target publications on women and children in high impact outlets

Conference and Seminar Team

Organise Conferences, Seminars, Breakfast meetings & Training Workshops etc.

Hospital Visitation Group

Secondary School Visitation Group

Orphanage Visitation Group

Community Visitation Group